Center for Interventional Pain Management

Center for Interventional Pain Management


Clinically Proven. Customized for Each Individual Patient.


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The Center for Interventional Pain Management is a nationally recognized center of excellence for the treatment and management of complex chronic pain. The Center provides comprehensive multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient treatment options tailored to individual patient needs. We feel that the whole person must be treated, not just the pain & we will work as a team to help you reduce or eliminate your pain.


Non-surgical care options offer treatments for a wide range of pain, orthopedic and neurologic disorders by employing the latest most advanced conservative treatment options to help reduce pain, restore functional mobility & improve quality of life.
The non-surgical approach taps into the human body’s innate ability to heal itself employing the latest and most advanced physical modalities and minimally invasive biologic techniques.

Progressive Rehabilitation

Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine specializes in the non-surgical care of a wide range of pain, orthopedic and neurologic disorders by employing the latest most advanced conservative treatment options to help reduce pain, restore functional mobility and improve quality of life.

“I have been seeing Dr. Padda for almost 3 months now for elbow pain. I was referred to him by my primary care physician and he is a miracle worker. I have been dealing with this for years and wish I would have gone to him sooner.”

“I will go so far as to say that my FIRST visit with Dr. Padda was more helpful and productive than months of treatment with a local neurologist. Dr. Padda is extremely knowledgeable, and immediately ordered tests that any neurologist worth their salt should have done months ago. Dr. Padda acknowledged that yes, severe pain sometimes requires pain killers and did prescribe some, but was more concerned with finding the root problem of the cause of my migraines in hopes of stopping them.”

“LOVE Dr. Padda . A super upstanding guy. Really knows his stuff. I would recommend anyone I know to go to him for pain management. My back has hurt from a work injury and he has gotten it under control. He’s an abrupt guy but he doesn’t beat around the bush which is what I like. Straight up and honest.”

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy often occurs even before symptoms are evident. By the time you have symptoms of neuropathy, the physical nerve damage of neuropathy is often well developed.

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The Team

Dr. Gurpreet Padda, M.D.

Physician / Medical Director

Dr. Mark Belcher, M.D.



We seek to partner with our patients in improving their healthcare outcomes.


Diabetes and Neuropathy

A comprehensive approach to treating patients with peripheral neuropathy, using both conventional medical care and alternative therapy. We use both medication and combined treatment to improve the symptoms of neuropathy.

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How are allergies and pain related?

What is the relationship between allergies and pain? Allergies can create a generalized inflammatory state with systemic release of inflammatory cytokines, which may present as: Muscle and joint pain, typically observed in food borne allergens such as gluten or gliaden. Sinus congestion triggering migraine and cluster headaches, typically observed in aeroallergens such as pollens or […]

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Serious treatment options for serious foot pain

Nearly 60% of patient’s with chronic forefoot pain presenting to a podiatry practice have surgical intervention, yet only 50-60% of them get relief of foot pain long-term and 20% get significantly worse, requiring multiple surgeries. Accurate diagnosis is critical to appropriate treatment, common areas where foot pain is misdiagnosed include:   Plantar plate disruption The […]

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Severe Head and Neck Pain

Caution: If you’re having your worst migraine ever or symptoms that are unusual for you or frightening, see a doctor as soon as possible. You need to be sure this IS a Migraine and not something more serious such as a stroke.  Caution: Pregnant women should immediately alert their physician as many of the medications […]

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What to eat?

It’s about a way of life, not some temporary adjustment. Often times, patients ask, “what should I eat,” or “what is the best diet?”  They focus in on the concept of dieting, which implies a short-term change in food intake, with return to normal eating once they have reached a target weight.  Conceptually this is […]

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Nine reasons why weight loss is so important for chronic pain patients.

Nine reasons why weight loss is so important for chronic pain patients. 1. Pain reduces activity Pain often leads to reduced activity and exercise, which can cause patient’s to gain weight, due to loss of metabolically active muscle. 2. Pain prevents restful sleep Pain disrupts sleep, reducing growth hormone production, which causes patients to gain […]

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The steps of ho’oponopono meditation ritual.   Get comfortable and relaxed, in a sitting position, upright. Take 5 minutes or more to get deeply relaxed.   There are two breathing techniques recommended for initiating meditative relaxation:   The Ha Technique from Hawaii Take a full breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth […]

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Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition Successful weight loss is best complimented by a customized nutrition plan based on your individual needs. Ensuring a daily dose of heart-healthy vitamins, getting your metabolism in balance and ensuring you have all the nutrients necessary will help build the energy you need to transform your body and mind during your weight loss journey. […]

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